Find a tree and reconnect. The value is priceless

No, this is NOT forest bathing — Image credit Affordable Websites / Pixabay

Close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by trees. Listen to the leaves rustling in the wind, the birds chirping, smell the aroma of the trees and embrace it all. Now open your eyes and consider doing it for real, in an actual forest environment. The real act is called forest bathing.

Forest bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese, is defined as simply spending time outdoors under the canopy of trees. In Japanese, “shinrin” means forest and “yoku” means bath. …

How Underground Networks May (or May Not) Allow Trees to Communicate

If you’ve ever had trouble decoding a mess of text, slang, and emojis, imagine trying to decode the nutrient signals exchanged among networks of trees and fungi. That’s what Dr. Suzanne Simard, a professor in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences and a teacher at the University of British Columbia , did for her doctoral thesis: discovered that trees can use these networks, called mycorrhiza, to tell other trees about surrounding threats, to recognize relatives, and to aid other trees.

During photosynthesis atmospheric carbon dioxide and water are…

The ethical choice for your Christmas tree

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

We were stuck at home for long due to Covid-19. Some of us got sick, some lost loved ones to this horrible virus, and some are just sick of being alone. Now it’s time to see some light.

I was not surprised to hear that many of the Black Friday buys were Christmas decorations! We want to spend time doing something festive, something cheerful. Decorating a tree and enjoying its view during the holiday season is the perfect thing to do. …

Follow these 9 simple steps to plant a tree in your community

It is officially Fall, and believe it or not Fall is the perfect time to plant trees. Why? Because we want to give our new planted trees enough time to establish roots before they are exposed to stressors like heat, low temperatures, or not enough water — which is the case during Summer or Winter time.

Here you can find the steps to successfully plant a tree.

Assuming you pick the right tree to fit your environment and place you live. Here are nine simple steps to easily guide you in your planting of your tree.

It’s not that hard…

Tools for parents and kids for an easy transition back to school

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

School is just around the corner and all of us, parents and children of all ages, are so excited for it to start. Never in a million years I thought I’ll hear my teenage son saying he is counting the days for school to start. I’m not surprised, it’s been 6 months since my children saw the inside of a classroom. They are ready to go back! But wait a minute… go back to what?

To a sterile classroom? To face masks and 6 feet distance? To no high fives and no gathering in the hallways, no lockers, sitting apart…

How reforestation can reduce vulnerabilities in different contexts based on strengthening communities

1treellion’s planting in Kenya / Photo taken by Kenya Connects
1treellion’s planting in Kenya / Photo taken by Kenya Connects
1treellion’s planting in Kenya / Photo taken by Kenya Connects

How clear is humanity’s perception regarding the effects of our current relationship with nature? Is there a turning point on the horizon? Planting forests can be the key to rural and urban communities’ adaptation to climate change, while securing income generation, and improving social well-being.

The last few years have been particularly uncertain, concerning our ability to understand and respond to effects of the environmental crisis. …

This was an exciting episode for me, where I got to speak on the The Butterfly Effect podcast with an incredibly special guest, coming all the way from Kenya, James Musyoka. James is the co-founder and executive director for Kenya Connect, an NGO that helps kids in Kenya, the U.S. and across the world to become ambassadors for peace and global connection through the power of writing a letter. The organization is currently devoted to lifting children in rural Kenya out of extreme poverty, using the power of education. …

My conversation with Josh Whiton

One day I realized that of the many ways I had tried to help the planet, the most lasting impact I had had on the most people was also one of the simplest things I had ever done — I had invited my neighbors to make soil with me

Meet Josh Whiton, 1treellion’s ambassador and the founder of MakeSoil. I sat down (virtually) with Josh to talk about trees, soil, and our world.

Josh is a social innovator / Impact Entrepreneur — creating participatory movements that empower people worldwide to directly contribute to planetary repair.

Josh decided to spread the…

Staying home during COVID-19 & what it means for our teens

Photo credit @geralt

March 24, 2020 NY, me and my family are on our 17th day of social distancing due to the coronavirus. None of us are sick but because of a sick teacher at my kids school, all schools in my district were closed and we were required to stay home and avoid crowds. A week after my husband joined us. A few days later, so did my State.

I did not leave the house this entire time, besides walking the dog. I am privileged to be able to schedule food deliveries which allows me to maintain social distancing. …

Kids are off school, what can you do together?

My Pink Glasses — Image credit Olya-02

It’s coming soon, S-P-R-I-N-G — -B-R-E-A-K!!! Are you ready for it? I know I am. The kids are off school and we can spend some quality time as a family, creating memories that will last forever…

OK-OK, I will take off my pink glasses. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids, while my kids are looking forward to spending time on their screens.

I can fight it or I can create a balanced environment where we do both. …

Tali Orad

Entrepreneur and engineer. Founder of Wible, Screen & B.E.CPR 🦋. @TaliOrad

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