Why do we lie? Didn’t we teach our kids it’s important to tell the truth? So why is there so much fake news, and how can we identify them?

Lying is developmentally normal and an important sign other cognitive skills are also developing, for any child under the age of 8 years old. Once children are old enough to understand the difference between what is true and what is not true, we start to encourage and support them in…

How reforestation can reduce vulnerabilities in different contexts based on strengthening communities

1treellion’s planting in Kenya / Photo taken by Kenya Connects

How clear is humanity’s perception regarding the effects of our current relationship with nature? Is there a turning point on the horizon? Planting forests can be the key to rural and urban communities’ adaptation to climate change, while securing income generation, and improving social well-being.

The last few years have…

Tali Orad

Entrepreneur and engineer. Founder of Wible, Screen & B.E.CPR 🦋. @TaliOrad

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